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The Great Lakes All-American Transcription Team Reduces Claim Denials with Accurate Reporting

While the use of speech recognition (SR) technology has sped up turnaround times for documentation, there is much room for improvement. Beyond any benefits for using speech recognition, a lack of oversight and errors can lead to tragic consequences for patients and lost provider revenue. Many physicians still practice the “once and done” approach and skip QA and edits completely prior to signing. Sound familiar?

How do documentation errors occur with medical speech processing?

SR technology has come a long way, but it still requires a significant amount of human oversight to reduce routine errors. Here are some ways such errors occur:

  • Improper use of speech recognition gear and applications

    • Microphone placement

    • Incorrect expectations of the software

  • Poor administration of software which leads to degradation of recognition accuracy

  • Burned out / overworked physicians using the software with challenging schedules - the “once and done” approach continues with no oversight.

  • Disregard of style, usage, and grammar

  • Improper certification or training of healthcare documentation specialists

  • Third-party editing is often bypassed

  • Insufficient quality assurance standards in place

Clearly, SR just does not work for all physicians, because of the loss of document integrity. Transcription services are a good way to get rid of errors in reporting, while still turning work out quickly.

How would a transcription service help?

GLI’s highly skilled team has many years of experience in all primary medical specialties. We cater to the most particular physicians, and have earned the trust of many HIM teams for the delivery of accurate, error-free medical reporting with short turnaround times.

Here’s what to expect from our dedicated medical transcription team:

  • All work is processed by 100% American transcriptionists – reports never leave the US

  • HIPAA/HITECH - our transcription team meets or exceeds all applicable standards for medical records security

  • Our operational focus is centered on achieving fast turnaround times and maintaining highest quality standards established by providers and AHDI’s “Book of Style”

  • Our group consistently produce error-free medical reports at a rate over 99%

  • 24/7/265 customer service, quality assurance and IT support

  • Partial or full outsourced transcription services are available with flexible agreement terms that offer price protection. Our group is happy to work with primary MTs.

  • Competitive and easy-to-follow pricing agreements

  • We can process work dynamically on your platform, or offer the GLI hosted system, which integrates with all commercial EHRs and provides detailed management reporting.

Schedule a Review Call

GLI has been servicing healthcare organizations with medical documentation services and related systems since 1992. Let’s have a conversation if you are looking for improving your existing service and have other requirements we potentially can address. We are happy to discuss medical transcription or any of our applications like secure mobile messaging that may fit your organization.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Call 800-701-4440, x12 or x17 or email us at


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