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Paragon All-American Transcription Services for Healthcare


Quality Medical Transcription Services for Better Patient Care & Coding


Paragon Transcription Services is dedicated to improving the lives of doctors and patients every day. Paragon’s expertly trained medical transcriptionists produce accurately transcribed records so that doctors can focus on what’s most important, their patients. 

Paragon Healthcare Transcription Services

GL Informatics, Inc. | United States | Paragon All-American Transcription Services for Healthcare Facilities

Paragon partners with healthcare facilities to help build professional and top-tier practices. Paragon is focused on developing its partner relationships through its values of character, discipline, excellence, productivity, ethical behavior and trustworthiness.


Paragon’s reputation for quality medical transcription has been earned from a track record of consistently producing error-free medical reports at a rate over 99%. Our clients are extremely pleased with what our team delivers every day. Pricing is competitive and simple to follow.

Paragon Healthcare Transcription Services | United States | All-American Transcription

American Values, American-Trained

HIPAA-Compliant Transcription


Paragon prides itself on being a fully domestic company. All work is done in the USA by American workers. Nothing is outsourced overseas. This commitment allows Paragon to keep your data safe and meet your needs as effectively as possible, while promoting local economies. 

GLI | Paragon American Transcription Team | USA

Team of American-based medical transcriptionists trained on Dolbey and our Master Transcription Program.

Familiar with style, accents and tendencies of providers; responsive to special requests.

Strong reputation for quality and meeting TAT requirements.

Track quality attributes of providers.

Services you 24/7/365, including holidays.

Competencies including general HIM reporting, behavioral healthcare, radiology, pathology and ambulatory surgery

Engage us today for consultation and assessment on how a Paragon partnership might improve your organization’s patient care quality. 


Great Lakes Informatics is proud to partner with Paragon Transcription Services. We look forward to giving our current and prospective healthcare clients access to quality transcription that works seamlessly with existing GLI products and services.