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American-Based Transcription Solutions for Healthcare | Great Lakes Informatics, Inc. | Professionally Trained American Transcriptions for Medical Practices

Paragon All-American Transcription Services for Healthcare


Quality Medical Transcription Services for Better Patient Care & Coding


Paragon Transcription Services is dedicated to supporting the documentation process for doctors and healthcare administrative staff every day. Our expertly trained medical transcriptionists produce error-free transcribed reports so that doctors can prioritize their time on patients.

Great Lakes Paragon Healthcare Transcription Services

Great Lakes Informatics, Inc. | United States | Paragon All-American Transcription Services for Healthcare Facilities | Professionally Trained Medical Transcriptionists

The Great Lakes Paragon group provides backup and full-on transcription services that deliver the following:

  • Emphasis on Document Integrity / CDI for all leading specialties while meeting turnaround requirements with error-free reporting.  

  • High standards for meeting client preferences – we listen, act, deliver and appreciate feedback

  • Limited and full outsourcing is available, 24/7/365

  • We can work with a provider’s system such as Dolbey Transcription or provide a comprehensive hosted solution

  • Our optional hosted platform provides full support for dictation (including mobile dictation apps), e-signing, transcription, QA and client administrator with our reporting module for tracking all activity

  • HL7 interfacing is quickly established for real-time ADT & report uploads to the majority of EHR systems with our engineering team 

  • Reasonable service agreements with price protection are available with preferred Business Associate Agreement along with simple cancellation terms if for some reason expectations are not met.

Track quality attributes of providers.

Services you 24/7/365, including holidays.

Routine medical reporting services include: general medical records, behavioral healthcare, cardiology, orthopedics and other specialties, clinic notes and ambulatory surgery

American Values, American-Trained

HIPAA-Compliant Transcription


Great Lakes Paragon prides itself on being a fully domestic company. All work is done in the USA by American workers. Nothing is outsourced overseas. This commitment allows Paragon to keep your data safe and meet your needs as effectively as possible, while supporting the US economy.

Team of American-based medical transcriptionists trained on Dolbey and our Master Transcription Program.

Familiar with style, accents and tendencies of providers; responsive to special requests.

Strong reputation for quality and meeting TAT requirements.

Please contact us to schedule a consultation to determine if Great Lakes Paragon is a good match for meeting your organization’s transcription requirements.

Great Lakes Informatics is proud to fuse superior document production technology with our dedicated professional transcription services team. With over 25 years of service in healthcare documentation, we understand why physicians prefer the “once and done” approach for their medical reporting. Our skilled MTs play a critical role in getting the patient story right.


"Physicians rarely have the time and skill sets to handle QA and editing after dictating with speech recognition applications.  This is especially true with lengthy reports" - Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity

Please call or email us to schedule a review call.

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