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Backline Secure Mobile Messaging

Today, over 85 to 90% of clinicians use standard text messaging to communicate with staff. Non-HIPAA-compliant standard SMS texting is risky, and can lead to lost or compromised PHI and/or significant fines.


Great Lakes Informatics’s Backline app provides secure HIPAA-compliant messaging for iPhone and Android users in hospitals, clinics, skilled care, hospice, behavioral healthcare and other health-related organizations that exchange PHI for care coordination.

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Backline Messaging

  • It eliminates barriers and expedites secure mobile communications.

  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) models or designated device schemes are supported.

  • Allows users to send images, sound clips and documents along with text.

  • Logs communications and shows when messages have been read.

  • Ideal for provider-to-patient communications when required.

Healthcare Team Collaboration for the Future

Akario Backline Mobile Messaging

Patient information cycles continuously throughout your health delivery system. Flexible communication pathways for patient care are essential.


Common exchange modes include:

  • Patient-centered chat (group or single provider)

  • Care team or group focused messaging

  • Texting communications between internal and external providers is supported

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HIPAA-Compliant Secure Texting

Patient-Centered Chat begins with the app’s patient pick-list.  Simply select a specific patient for ongoing Backline exchanges. Immediate access to all exchanges on a particular patient is readily available for authorized caregivers.

Secure Chats Beyond Your Facility

Backline connects your facility with healthcare workers inside and outside your organization. Providers can also invite patient guardians or designated contacts into the conversation when the time is right.


With Fam Chats, it is easy to invite patients or designated care advocates for secure text exchanges.  Note that recent studies indicate that patients ignore 90% of phone calls and are 5 times more responsive to text messages. 

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Backline Messaging Features

Private, group or patient-specific care team chats

Event notification distribution to internal and external providers

Supports clinical content sharing in virtually any format

iPhone and Android clinical messaging platforms

Web access supported on all common browsers

Backline Systems Options: Clinic / Single Site or Enterprise for Health Networks

Akario Backline Enterprise | United States | HIPAA-Compliant Mobile Messaging

Great Lakes Informatics delivers Backline to healthcare organizations across North America

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