Great Lakes Informatics offers professional dictation solutions for law practices, call centers, insurance adjusters, police and fire departments. We offer solutions for mobile, wireless or desktop dictation, so you can record your memos, letters or discovery details in high-quality.


Legal Solutions


Our cloud-based dictation workflow solution can easily connect your dictations to your typist, so you can get your work done faster. We also offer Dragon Legal, which helps you create notes, briefs and other documents using speech recognition. Speech recognition helps you spend less time on documentation and more time serving clients.


If you prefer to dictate at your desk, we offer a variety of desktop supported speech microphones that make dictation easy. We also offer a variety of digital voice recorders that will help you dictate from anywhere. Another good option for lawyers who frequently travel is mobile dictation using an app. You can use your iPhone or Android smartphone to record and send your dictations straight to your typist!


Solutions for Public Safety


For police, firefighters and other public safety officials, generating reports is a big part of the job. Our solutions aim to provide the most efficient way of creating incident reports.


Speech recognition software helps increase efficiency – all you need is your voice and a dictation device! Speech recognition saves time and cuts transcription costs. We offer a variety of reliable digital voice recorders so you can dictate notes while on the job.


We also offer a secure mobile messaging platform that allows for better coordination and field-based communication. It is also great for alerts during emergencies or disasters.


Solutions for Insurance Claims Agents


Insurance claims agents have so much information to gather. About 40-50% of their time is spent on documenting their various encounters. Making sure to get all the right information is key to making decisions and deciding how to handle claims. We offer many solutions to help streamline documentation, as well as save time and money.


Adjusters need to get statements from witnesses, policy holders and injured parties. Portable digital dictation recorders help capture all the details, and can be used anywhere. Once you have captured the audio, you can use our dictation workflow solution to send to a typist instantly.


For completing forms and other documentation, speech recognition software may be helpful. Speech recognition uses your voice to eliminate repetitive tasks and allows you to complete your paperwork in in a fraction of the time.


We offer many more solutions using today’s most advanced technology. Contact us today so we can assess your needs and offer a solution that is best for your organization.