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Philips SpeechLive

Mobile Dictation & Transcription

As legal teams are working remotely, Philips SpeechLive keeps your dictation and documentation running seamlessly.

Attorneys & Paralegals: 

  • Philips Recorder App

  • Secure file upload utility (professional digital recorders)

  • Desktop dictation supported w/ speech microphone (office, home, or anywhere)

  • Report status indicator (pending or typed)


Secretaries / Typists / Managers:

  • Work Ready Alerts

  • Browser-based transcription (works with existing Philips USB pedals)

  • System Dashboard for voice file distribution and tracking


Special pricing on software and user accessories (digital recorders, microphones, foot controls and HD headsets for crystal-clear sound) is available for all SpeechLive customers.


Trial to Production Policy:

Use SpeechLive with 2 or more end-users for 30 days at no charge to determine if SpeechLive is a good fit for your firm. A Philips foot controller is recommended for your typist.

● Simplicity ●

● Rapid deployment ●

● Flexibility & Workflow Management ●

● Scalable Secure Cloud-based Speech Operations​ ●

● 2 to 500 users ●

Cloud-based dictation solution

Easy to use – convenient anywhere, anytime

Speak 7x faster instead of typing

Quick deployment with minimal equipment investments

SpeechLive provides excellent workflow management!


Adapt the solution to your company’s way of working. SpeechLive can easily be implemented into your existing workflow, with no software installation required. Administrators can easily define authors and typists, as well as assigning the workflow from anywhere. SpeechLive even supports mixed environments, where not all users have access to SpeechLive.


Increase Your Efficiency

Create a full page of text in only two minutes using your voice.


Focus On Your Core Competencies

Don’t waste your time, energy or resources typing up notes and reports!


Be More Flexible

Record notes wherever you are, whether in your office or on the road. SpeechLive works with smartphones and all Philips voice recorders. SpeechLive also gives you the opportunity to adjust the number of users at any time.


Get Organized

Easily categorize and organize your thoughts, notes and reports.


Secure Your Data

SpeechLive secures your dictations through double encryption and protection from unauthorized access.

Philips SpeechLive | United States | Cloud-Based Speech Recognition Service

Tired of Typing?

Create a FREE SpeechLive account

and test for 30 days.

Great Lakes Informatics is the authorized US provider of SpeechLive. We are happy to help with evaluations, workflow review and various pricing options. Please engage us to learn more or request a free trial of Philips SpeechLive Cloud Dictation Solution.

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