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Great Lakes Informatics | Authorized US Provider of Philips SpeechLive | Cloud-Based Speech Recognition Services for Attorneys, Paralegals, Secretaries, Typists, Managers & more!
GLI, Inc | National Provider of Philips SpeechLive | Cloud-Based Dictation Services | Browser-Based Transcription

Philips SpeechLive

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Cloud-based Professional Speech Management System

As legal, medical and commercial business teams are work remotely, Philips SpeechLive keeps your dictation and documentation running seamlessly with no physical barriers.

Attorneys, Physicians, & Business Professionals: 

  • Philips SpeechLive mobile app (Android & iPhone)

  • Secure file upload utility (professional digital recorders)

  • Desktop dictation supported with speech microphone (office, home, or anywhere)

  • NEW! Real-time speech recognition with high accuracy for PC and smartphone

  • SpeechLive speech recognition works in any software, like Microsoft Word, Outlook or any CRM and EMR.

  • Report status indicator for work sent to typist (pending or typed)

  • Supports backend speech processing for edits by author or typist

  • Cloud-based dictation solution with optional speech recognition


Secretaries / Typists / Managers:

  • Work Ready Alerts

  • Browser-based transcription (works with existing Philips USB pedals)

  • NEW! Real-time and automated speech recognition delivers a 1st draft document for efficient review & edits by typist for maximum productivity

  • System Dashboard for voice file distribution and tracking


Special pricing on software and user accessories (digital recorders, microphones, foot controls and HD headsets for crystal-clear sound) is available for all SpeechLive customers.


Trial to Production Policy:

Use SpeechLive with 2 or more end-users for 10 days at no charge to determine if SpeechLive is a good fit for your firm. A Philips foot controller is recommended for your typist.

  • Rapid Deployment with support for any location – office or remote staffing

  • System Browser Dashboard with flexible workflow management for small and large institutions – assign work, track production, distribution, and manage users

  • Secure Cloud-based without the need for in-house servers or paid hosting groups

  • Scalable from 2-1000 users

  • Includes mobile speech app and support for other input options for authors

  • Flexible licensing model for in-house and remote teams

  • Speech-to-text Module delivers first draft production with editing support for typist

  • Front end speech processing for authors with very high recognition rates

  • Highly functional transcription application with workflow management options for multiple authors and teams

Great Lakes Informatics | Cloud-Based Dictation Solution | Speech Recognition | Philips SpeechLive

Cloud-based dictation solution with optional speech recognition

Easy to use – convenient anywhere, anytime

Speak 7x faster instead of typing

Quick deployment with minimal equipment investments

Great for in-house and remote teams

SpeechLive provides excellent workflow management with no physical boundaries!


Employee satisfaction, creativity and productivity improves as SpeechLive delivers thought processing seamlessly across an organization.

With SpeechLive, you can dictate from your favorite speech microphone, dictation device or even your cell phone! Send dictations instantly to the SpeechLive cloud for immediate access by your typist, or utilize SpeechLive’s cost-effective speech-to-text software as an additional option for boosting your productivity.

SpeechLive is best suited for:

  • Offices of any size

  • A cost-effective replacement of discontinued Winscribe or Big Hand in-house system

  • Hybrid offices with users both at home or the office

  • Those in need of a quick turnaround time

  • Those in need of mobile dictation to support operational patterns

Speech-to-Text: Anywhere, Any time!


SpeechLive now offers a speech-to-text module so you can get your work done faster and easier! Speech to text also supports 1st Draft automation and allows your typist to make edits.

Below are a few highlights of SpeechLive's new Speech-to-text Pro:

  • Annual flat-rate package with attractive pricing

  • Ready to use after purchase, no downtime

  • Speech-to-text functions well with the SpeechLive mobile app (iOS and Android)

  • The SpeechLive Desktop App supports recognition in a variety of 3rd party applications; Word, email, electronic records systems, and Google searches

  • Available in 21 languages (with more coming soon)

  • Voice commands for efficient punctuation

  • Specialized dictionaries are available for common terms used in your profession

  • Test drive speech-to-text for 10 days with no obligation to purchase

SpeechLive Features:

  • Browser-based transcription works efficiently with a Philips foot controller

  • Mobile app for iOS and Android devices so you can work from anywhere

  • Dictate from your desktop using a Philips SpeechMike or alternative headset

  • Upload files securely from your Philips Pocket Memo or Olympus handheld recorder 

  • High security backup and encryption functions

Great Lakes Informatics | United States | Philips SpeechLive Cloud-Based Dictation Solutions | Increase Efficiency with Browser-Based Transcription | iOS & Android Compatible
GLI, Inc | Try SpeechLive Free for 10 Days | Less Typing with Philips Speechlive Speech Recognition Services

Produce your transcript 4x faster with speech processing!

Contact your GLI Speech Specialist to create a complimentary SpeechLive trial account for 10 days.

Great Lakes Informatics is the authorized US provider of SpeechLive. We are happy to help with evaluations, workflow review and various subscription options.

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