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Paragon: Your Remote Team for All-American Medical Transcription Services

Providers today rarely have the time to review and edit a lengthy report. The “once and done” approach to dictation is still the most common practice, even with speech recognition. They are under high demands and just do not have the time.

GLI’s Paragon team can handle all or part of your transcription while keeping tabs on documentation quality to help reduce errors for busy physicians.

Our highly-skilled team has many years of experience in all primary medical specialties. We cater to the most particular physicians while working closely with HIM leaders.

Customers are very pleased by our attention to detail and communications with HIM staff.

We are 100% proud All-American workers, so you can trust that your sensitive reports never leave our country.

Our services:

  • Our team began in 1996. The team is comprised of some of the most experienced medical transcriptionists in the US.

  • Our clinical documentation services address the needs of acute care, clinics, ambulatory surgical care, and behavioral health facilities.

  • Partial or full outsourced transcription services are available with flexible agreement terms that offer price protection.

  • Our operational focus is centered on achieving fast turnaround times and maintaining highest quality standards established by providers and AHDI’s “Book of Style”.

  • Besides offering our own reliable transcription platform, our team is trained and certified on Dolbey’s Fusion Transcription software. We have over 20 years of experience supporting Dolbey transcription and speech processing applications.

  • Our HIPAA-compliant mobility app for iOS or Android offers more flexibility with patient pick-list integration.

  • Our platform is integrated with nearly all EHRs. If your hospital or clinic does not have a transcription system, we will provide our secure hosted platform with flexible dictation options for providers and many other features that you would expect, including advanced report distribution.

Contact Us

GLI has been servicing healthcare organizations with medical documentation services and related systems since 1992. Let’s have a conversation if you are looking for improving your existing service and have other requirements.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Call 800-701-4440, x12 or x17 or email us at

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