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Dolbey Fusion Voice Premise-Based Dictation System

#1 In-house System for Healthcare & Commercial Groups

Fusion Voice Central Dictation is ideal for organizations looking for a fully functional dedicated dictation system they can place behind their firewall in a very secure environment.  This Mission Critical platform has served healthcare and business for over 15 years and was developed in the United States.


This system offers a wide range of voice management tools and reporting options. Besides healthcare, Fusion Voice is Ideal for banking, investment groups, insurance and other organizations looking for the most secure voice capture systems.

  • Scalable from 10 to 1000 analogy or VoIP ports supports simultaneous call-in dictation or recording sessions.

  • Prompts and filed inputs are customizable

  • Upload a wide variety of audio file formats with secure transfer utility

  • Concurrent licensing model supports secure playback for authorized typists

  • Offers playback management screens for instant audio access to any recording reference shown on the report dashboard

  • Includes Fault Tolerant Module for maximum security 24 x7

  • Extensive report module for tracking work and production


It is estimated that 60% of all patient documentation is still performed by dictation and transcription. 

Secure Central Dictation and Document Management

The Fusion Voice System, which has evolved with over 15 years of development, represents the most advanced speech capturer / dictation platform and is the most advanced commercial recording platform in the industry.  After Lanier and Dictaphone central systems were long gone, Fusion Voice emerged with an emphasis on mission critical performance and flexible operations.  Leading organizations like Mayo Healthcare and non-healthcare commercial ventures benefited from statistical reporting, definable security and the numerous ways to manage voice files and routing.

GLI, the US technology provider of Fusion Voice® and other commercial speech capture solutions will assess your speech processing requirements and provide recommendations for meeting your objectives. Experience the power and flexibility of Fusion Voice® so that your organization can maintain and move speech-powered information forward to deliver results.

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