SpeechExec Pro Dictation and Transcription Software

SpeechExec Pro Dictation and Transcription Software links authors and transcriptionists. It facilitates communication, the setup of individual workflow settings and organizational flexibility to help save time and resources. Authors can record directly into the software using a speech microphone and transcriptionists can playback and conveniently transcribe these files using a Philips USB Deluxe foot control.


What's New with SpeechExec Pro?

New Flexible Licensing Policy

We understand mobility is very important, especially for remote workers. With the newest version of SpeechExec Pro, a user can now install the program on more than one PC and simply login to their software. Home and office use is now supported with a single, 2-year license! All SpeechExec updates and new features are included in the subscription package at no extra cost, so no unexpected charges for software upgrade.

Always Up to Date

While subscribed to SpeechExec you can enjoy all the benefits of software updates. Simply activate the “automatic update” option and everything is done automatically and transparently.

Compatibility with your IT Environment

The SpeechExec updates guarantee total compatibility with all the latest releases of the Windows operating system. Switching the licenses to the subscription model enables you to have a homogeneous environment with all your users working on the latest version of SpeechExec.


Your SpeechExec license is now linked to your email address, allowing you to easily and securely reactivate a license in case of a machine failure. The new SpeechExec license model contains regular software updates, guaranteeing a high level of performance so you never experience work interruptions.

For Authors - Take Control of Your Dictations

Efficient routing of files from start to finish makes job retrieval simple and fast.


Easy prioritization allows authors to define urgent jobs

Easily add spoken instructions for better communication with your typist.

Data protection allows only authorized users to access your documents.

For Typists - Manage Your Workflow & Type from Anywhere


Efficiently plan and organize your workload with a clear job overview.

Work types to help with job categorization.

Notifications let you know that you have a new job immediately.

Philips foot control compatibility allows for convenient, hands-free working. 


Great Lakes Informatics is the authorized US provider of Philips Dictation solutions.

Please engage us to learn more about the SpeechExec Pro dictation workflow solution.