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SpeechLive: Unlimited Productivity Without Barriers for Remote & In-House Team-Members

SpeechLive on a web browser and on the SpeechLive mobile app

Change is here to stay

Due to the global pandemic, the need for more flexible work options is crucial. With seasonal spikes of virus cases, your organization may have to send employees home for weeks at a time, until conditions are safe to return to the office.

Organizations that embrace flexible working options with flexible technology will have less interruptions to workflow when the unexpected occurs. With the right use of technology, you can set up a system that will work, whether your employees are working at home or the office! Through the years, SpeechLive has evolved into the ultimate hybrid workflow management system. Here are some ways SpeechLive allows for flexible teams:

The Move to Mobility

One way to ensure that your workplace is more flexible is by using solutions that allow access anytime, anywhere. These types of solutions have the same robust capabilities at home or in the office. SpeechLive’s new advanced speech-to-text solution, for example, could be used in the office with our HD SpeechMike, or used on-the-go by dictating using the SpeechLive Dictate mobile app. Your team will stay productive as the ability to record voice files, create documents, and route work remains consistent.

Usable Speech-Driven Productivity on Any Platform

The next important thing your solution needs to have is device flexibility. Most business professionals today may use a combination of desktop PCs, smartphones, tablets, or other devices. Because of this, platform-agnostic applications are imperative. You are able to use SpeechLive on any platform and any device, which give it the ultimate flexibility. Users can access the same functions and features regardless of which office they are working from, or which device they are using.

Another benefit of SpeechLive is that it is web-based and cloud-enabled, meaning that implementation of the application is super easy. You won’t have to deal with any cumbersome installation process when moving from a PC to a laptop. All you will need to do is just log in! Onboarding SpeechLive to new devices only takes a few minutes, so your work day will not suffer any disruptions.

Big Cost Savings

Because SpeechLive is cloud-based, you will not have to call upon your IT department to install and maintain the application. This greatly reduces operational costs, versus trying to maintain an on-premise voice application. SpeechLive also features web-based transcription so your administrative staff can also utilize this program even while working remotely. Speech-to-text will help by converting your spoken recording into text so that only limited clean-up is required. This frees your staff for other revenue-generating tasks!

Contact Us

If you need a flexible option for hybrid remote/office work, we are here to provide the best solutions for your organization. Give us a call at 800-701-4440, x12, or contact us via email at to set up an exploration call with our Speech Applications Specialist.

We would love to review options with a member of your team and propose options that only our unique dictation and transcription platform can offer.

Learn more about GLI's SpeechLive application here.

Thank you for considering our offer to improve your speech-driven business model.


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