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Conference Recording Solutions

Olympus ME33 Boundary Meeting Microphone

GLI, Inc. | Providing High-Quality Recording Devices Nationwide | Olympus ME-33 Boundary Meeting Microphone


  • Powerful, omni-directional microphone designed to record voices from a distance

  • Cuts extremely high- and low-frequency sounds for crystal-clear audio files

  • Can connect multiple microphones to expand the ME-33′s capabilities – up to six units for stereo recording and three units for monaural recording.

The ME-33 boundary microphone is the next generation of omni-directional sound capture equipment from Olympus. Combined with an Olympus professional voice recorder, the ME-33 is the ideal solution for recording meetings, conference calls and more in large rooms with many attendees.

The ME-33 boundary microphone is purpose-built to clearly record voice at a distance. It automatically cuts extremely high- and low-frequency sounds, improving audio quality and recording usability.

Team-Record CM-1000USB Table Top Conference Microphone

Great Lakes Informatics | Digital Conference Recording | Team-Record CM-1000USB Conference Stereo Microphone


  • Stereo USB Connection

  • Microphone combines a sleek low profile

  • Daisy chain capability and 360º pickup

  • Expand the recording range by adding additional CM-1000 microphones

  • 10 ft. cord

The CM-1000USB is a slim, compact microphone that provides a 360º pickup for optimal coverage and flawless sound transfer. It is a great microphone for meetings, conferences, depositions, negotiations and more. Simply plug the USB cord into a computer or laptop and you are ready to record!

Philips DPM8900 Pocket Memo Meeting Recorder

GLI, Inc | USA | Philips Pocket Memo | DPM8900 Digital Meeting Recorder | Conference Recording Devices


  • 360-degree sound pick-up for optimal recording

  • Rugged metal carrying case for portability

  • Built-in wire storage for adjusting cable length

  • Exchangeable memory card for unlimited recording

  • Automatic file download via USB for quick transcription

Record conferences, meetings, hearings, depositions and interviews and with confidence and ease. Digital conference recording makes documenting meeting minutes and important interviews easier than ever. The innovative Pocket Memo DPM8900 meeting recorder allows you to capture everyone’s ideas in excellent audio quality, no matter where they are seated around the table. Built-in talk-over technology is helpful for isolating speakers that are communicating simultaneously. Please ask about our new SmartMic for advanced conversation isolation performance.

The extendable 360° microphone system offers flexibility as well as ease of use. You can easily extend the recording range of your DPM8900 beyond two microphones. In larger areas four to six meeting microphones expand speech capture range. The built-in wire storage in the 360° microphones allows you to adjust the length of the cable to suit your needs and keep the conference table looking professional.

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