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Cloud-Based Speech Processing Solutions | United States | Healthcare Information Management Applications

Speech Processing Applications & Services for Healthcare Professionals | Great Lakes Informatics, Inc. | USA | Paragon American-Based Transcription | Backline Secure Mobile Messaging | Dictation Devices & Software | Transcription Services & Accessories

Speech Processing Applications for Healthcare

Great Lakes Informatics has been at the forefront of medical speech processing technology and services. We offer a wide range of solutions for hospitals, clinics, free standing surgery centers, behavioral healthcare and other providers.


Our product and service solutions are very reliable and never stop evolving. Our speech-driven applications are easy to deploy and reduce operational control costs. 


Our All-American transcription team that delivers accurately transcribed records and saves a physician many hours of text editing and QA tasks. 


Our hosted dictation solution connects physicians with a dedicated team of skilled transcriptionists, and supports call-in or mobile dictation from your iPhone or Android device.


With our HIPAA-compliant secure mobile messaging platform, you can coordinate patient care more effectively without compromising PHI. Most providers carry their phones on them at all times, and many organizations support Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) models. Our secure mobile messaging solution will work with all outside providers outside of your healthcare system.


Gathering accurate information at admissions or intake is critical for the patient admissions process. Human entry errors can adversely impact billing and potentially, patient safety. Our intake application systems significantly reduce data entry errors and patient admission times.

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