SpeechMotion Expanse (SME)

Medical Documentation & Speech Processing System

SpeechMotion Expanse is GLI’s cloud-based transcription platform designed by HIM departments and transcription managers to offer a myriad of flexible voice capture options, speech recognition, editing, distribution and e-signature application system modules for highly efficient healthcare documentation. SME is an intuitive, flexible system, designed to address the unique needs of your organization.


SpeechMotion Expanse emulates functionality of traditional systems while offering advanced mobility functions embraces upsizing or downsizing scalability.


SpeechMotion Expanse replaces outdated premised-based systems.


Without the need for in-house servers and databases, facilities can generate medical documentation on a platform tailored to support static and changing reporting requirements.  Speech Motion offers a high-level of flexibility for demanding providers that can seamlessly complete patient story, all under one cloud-based platform.

Primary capabilities support operations of onsite transcription, remote employees, medical transcription services, and multiple facilities.

EHR Direct

Cloud-based voice recognition for mobility, flexibility and superior results while engaging your EHR

Clinical Workflow

Create a workflow designed to fit your unique needs without any custom programming.

Physician Adoption

Give your physicians the options they need to take care of patients.

Physician Portal Feature
Have a place for document review and e-signing (if required).

Return-on-Investment (ROI)

As a competitively-priced cloud solution, SpeechMotion Expanse can reduce, or even eliminate, many of your traditional system IT and overhead expenditures.  A flexible fee model matches system demands based on volumes.  Our flexible expense model is lock step with patient census and billing cycles.

A solution that works for all providers.


Hospitals / Healthcare Systems

Reduce system operational costs, quickly integrate with Cerner, Epic, Meditech, and other EHR platforms to improve and reduce clinical documentation demands on busy providers. Analytics and reporting tools for single and multiple


Leverage mobility apps for moving between exam rooms.  Select patients from the scheduling picklist. Completed jobs are sent immediately for processing and uploaded to the EHR for view and signing.


Behavioral Health Agencies / Social Workers

Mobility for field work and client tracking.  Clinician portal provides remote document viewing.


Running a medical transcription company to satisfy demanding clients requires advanced operational skills to meet quality and turnaround expectations for healthcare management.  SME provides the flexibility, stability and management tools to stay on top of your business. Improve customer service, profitability and achieve better results by leveraging SME to grow your business.


Tracking MT performance, staffing, QA and TATs allow you agreement obligations. Multiple interface options support ADT feeds and document uploads to virtually any EHR. Supports client billing models and accurate reporting. Ask about the Client Dashboard.

Why Choose SpeechMotion?

Stay Current

Improve turnaround by implementing back-end speech recognition.


Create a workflow that fits your unique needs.


Automatically print, fax or upload documents at no extra charge saving you time and money!


Use SpeechMotion to capture e-signatures or review reports with the physician portal.

No Hidden Fees

No support or other hidden fees – just a simpler, per line rate!


Cloud-based solutions keep data secure but easily accessible.


Providers can dictate on-the-go with their iPad, iPhone or Android smartphone.


Communicate directly with staff within SpeechMotion Expanse.

Seamless Integration

Useable with all leading EMR systems, including: GE, Cerner, 3M, McKesson, Epic, NextGen, CPSI and Allscripts