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Fusion Narrate

Medical Speech Recognition

A recent AMA Study concluded that for every hour a doctor spends with a patient, on average, two additional hours are spent on the EHR during the normal clinical day. Save 500 or more hours per year of data entry with Fusion Narrate.

Fusion Narrate is a cloud-based speech recognition application that vastly improves charting times and a provider’s overall experience with their EMR. The Fusion Narrate application can be used anywhere you work — the office, clinic, hospital, or even at home! A single license enables providers to use speech recognition in the EMR as well as Microsoft Office and other browser applications. There’s no additional fee per device!

When you sign-up for the “Narrate Challenge”, it will become very apparent that medical speech processing has improved dramatically over the past 5 years. Most providers have been less than satisfied with speech applications they tried in the past. Fusion Narrate will give you a positive vibe!


Our team is committed to helping you, the busy physician / provider, realize the very best outcomes as you chart and document with Fusion Narrate. Time is a commodity, let us help you.

Fusion Narrate out-performs all other leading medical speech applications. No time consuming training is required. Our clients agree!

Accurate Speech-to-text

Become productive immediately without training demands.

Improved Productivity

Spend more time with your patients than on your EHR.

Fewer clicks & keystrokes

Chart faster and with fewer clicks, using advanced speech recognition and voice command automation for common tasks

Simplify your workflow.

Besides your preferred EHR, Fusion Narrate allows you to speech enable any application — meaning you can use voice commands to speed up web searches, email and other common productivity software. Fusion Narrate even performs well on-the-go with your mobile device!

Desktop / mobile enabled

You can even use your phone as a microphone!

Works with Hundreds of EHRs

No costly integration required.

Optimized workflow

Better productivity without costly scribes.

Cloud-based software

Stay connected and work from anywhere!

Easy installation

A quick 15 MB download saves time and space.


Keeps your information safe and secure.

Fusion Narrate offers high-quality speech recognition for the following specialties:

  • Behavioral healthcare

  • Cardiology

  • Chiropractic

  • Family medicine

  • Pediatrics

  • Hospice

  • Orthopedics

  • Pathology

  • Radiology

  • Surgery

  • ...and others

Great Lakes Informatics Inc | USA | High Quality Speech Recognition Software for Healthcare | Dolbey Fusion Narrate

Most popular EHRs that function well with Fusion Narrate include:

  • Allscripts

  • AmazingCharts

  • Aethena Health

  • Cerner

  • eClinicalWorks

  • Epic

  • Meditech

  • NextGen

  • Practice Fusion

  • Greenway

  • ...and many more!

Fusion Narrate Checks all the Boxes!

Phenomenal speech accuracy

Cloud-based, simple to download

Covers the majority of medical specialties

Intuitive voice navigation features

Works everywhere you work

HIPAA-compliant application

Works with every major EHR

Easy to learn with built-in tutorials

US-based Support Services

Free 10-day trial

What Doctors are Saying about Fusion Narrate:

Great Lakes Informatics Inc | More Than Voice Recognition | Dr. Jeff Pavell, Physician

"Fusion Narrate is so much more than voice recognition. It's been amazing for us. It completely integrates with our Electronic Medical Record. It's fast, it's accurate, and it's so easy to use. We use it on every single patient, both with their intake during their exam and with their planning."

—  Dr. Jeff Pavell, Physician

Guaranteed Reliability

Ready to try it out? Contact a GLI Consultant today to show you how to dramatically reduce mouse clicks, have a more positive EHR experience and spend more quality time with patients and family!

To schedule an exploration call, contact us at:

773-275-1648 x17

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