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Since our beginnings in 1992, Great Lakes Informatics has focused on the development and deployment of advanced speech-processing solutions and IT services for healthcare providers. Today, our advanced speech-processing platforms and transcription systems (premise or hosted) are delivering significant productivity gains nationwide for healthcare, legal, public safety and business clients that have chosen GLI as their services & technology partner.


Besides offering the best speech-processing solutions in the industry & IT services, we specialize in secure mobile messaging, ambulatory surgical care coding applications and our patient registration ID image to data conversion technology.


As a service, our All-American medical transcription team, Paragon, produces high-quality medical reports across the U.S. Our clients include clinics, hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers. What’s dictated in the U.S. stays in the US, eliminating the risks involved in sending PHI overseas. Our personal touch with service, quality and client-friendly flexible agreements distinguishes us from many other services in the industry.

Our applications and services cover the following areas:

  • All American Transcription– coverage for all clinical areas, including behavioral healthcare

  • Ambulatory surgery care coding application

  • Hosted & Premise central dictation and transcription systems

  • Cost-effective cloud-based Dictation, Transcription  and Speech Processing (SR) applications for healthcare, legal, public safety & commercial use

  • Cybersecurity solutions/commercial anti-virus and ransomware protection

  • HIPAA-compliant secure texting that embraces collaborative care

  • Integration services (Epic, Cerner, Meditech, McKesson, other HIS platforms)

  • Managed IT services for hospitals, clinics, and dental practices

  • Patient intake/Admissions scanning for discreet data capture and authentication via ID scans



Since our company began over 25 years ago, we remain fully committed to providing the best technology to the markets we service. Client satisfaction remains our top priority through offering value-based services and solutions that improve their operations and bottom line.

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