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Effective Thought Processing with Mobility: Speech Processing Your Way!

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Great Lakes Informatics has worked closely with the Philips software development team to make some exciting improvements to SpeechLive’s cloud-based dictation and transcription platform.

Beginning this year our expanded Speech-to-Text package subscription pricing model allows authors and speech editors unlimited use of speech-to-text at a rate well below Dragon.

The new speech-to-text package includes our new SpeechLive mobile app for iPhone/Android, along with our popular SpeechLive Desktop App.

Here are a few new methods for doing speech processing your way:

SpeechLive with a Transcriptionist

A transcriptionist typing a document using SpeechLive

If you prefer to keep the traditional dictation/transcription workflow, you can still use SpeechLive to record dictations that are available to your typist in the cloud. Your typist will be notified when dictations are available from their SpeechLive account.

With our Philips SpeechMike, you can record your dictations directly into SpeechLive using the author desktop app. If you’re using a Philips Digital Pocket Memo, you can enable automatic downloads when connected to your PC and dictations will upload to the cloud instantly!

Mobile dictation users will need to download the new SpeechLive mobile app at the Apple App Store or on Google Play. Note: if you have used the Philips Voice Recorder app (PVR) in the past, you will need upgrade to new SpeechLive app. Using the SpeechLive mobile app, you can record dictations and send them to the cloud easily! Call us for any assistance.

SpeechLive Speech-to-text on your Chrome Browser

SpeechLive open on a laptop in speech-to-text mode

SpeechLive is a wonderful tool because of its flexibility. If you are logged in to SpeechLive on your browser, there are a couple of ways to have your ideas become text.

One option is to upload or record a dictation and send it to speech recognition. If you choose to send your dictation to speech recognition, you’ll have a typed document in minutes!

Another option is to hit the green record button, which is the button used to record using speech-to-text. It uses your SpeechMike to capture your words as you speak them and convert them to text instantly! It's just another way to get your work done more quickly.

SpeechLive Desktop App

The SpeechLive desktop app being used with clinical notes

The SpeechLive desktop app enables authors to use speech-to-text in third party apps – not just on your mobile device or on your browser. You’ll be able to create documents in Microsoft Word or even compose emails in Outlook! Anywhere you can drop a cursor to type, you can utilize the SpeechLive desktop app to instantly convert your speech to text.

SpeechLive Mobile App

SpeechLive mobile app for Android and iPhone

You can also use the SpeechLive mobile app to either create a dictation to send to speech recognition, or just use speech-to-text to create a document. When you have created a recording on the SpeechLive app, you will choose to send it to speech recognition instead of to a typist. Within minutes, the dictation will pop up in the cloud with an attached document that your typist can clean up. You can also use the mobile app to record using speech-to-text, which you can then save to the cloud or copy the text to use in other mobile applications.

Contact GLI Today

As you can see, there are many ways to use the new speech-to-text function in SpeechLive. If you require assistance or would like to know more, please contact your Speech Applications Specialist, Hayley Freeman, at 773-275-1648 x12 or via email at She can also provide a demonstration if you would like to see SpeechLive’s new features in action!

We are here for you!

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