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Dictation & Transcription Accessories

Great Lakes Informatics provides hundreds of accessories for both dictation and transcription. Please give us a call at 800-701-4440 x12 so we can assess your needs!

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GLI, Inc. | USA | Philips Transcription Foot Control | USB for Digital Systems

Deluxe Standard USB Foot Controller


  • Low-profile design

  • Sturdy construction

  • USB plug

  • Contoured for extra comfort

The re-sculpted contour of the new Infinity USB transcription Foot Pedal INUSB2  is molded with a sleek low profile and wider flare at the base of the foot pedal, offering greater flexibility in foot size and foot movement.


Our Deluxe Standard USB transcription foot pedal can be used with popular transcription software programs, such as SpeechMotion Expanse, Express Scribe, Crescendo, GearPlayer, Start Stop, CyberTranscriber, DocQscribe, FutureNet, iPlayer, RapidText, ByteScribe, FTR Gold, Transcription Buddy, VoiceIQ, WebCorrect and Liberty Court Player. Sturdy construction provides years of dependable service.

Philips Digital Voice Devices & Recorders | United States | Professional Transcription Sets

Philips USB Ergonomic Transcription Foot Control

GLI, Inc. | USA | Philips Transcription Foot Control | USB for Digital Systems


  • Fast and efficient playback control

  • Ergonomic shape provides daily comfort

  • Configurable pedal functions for 4 control pads

  • Robust pedals and non-wearing magnetic contact switches

  • Anti-slip pad

  • Waterproof exterior

  • USB Plug for digital systems

Keeps hands free for highly-efficient typing

Work faster and more accurately by using your foot to start and pause the playback of audio files. The ergonomic design was developed by closely studying transcriptionists’ movements. No need to lift your foot, a slightly pressing with the foot tip is enough. Both of your hands are always free for typing, allowing you to transcribe efficiently even over an extended time period.

Premium SP-USB High-definition Transcription Headset

Great Lakes Informatics | Premium SP-USB Transcription Headset | Extra Long Cord | Dual Speaker


  • True digital volume control

  • Developed specifically for human voice playback

  • LED computer connection indicator

  • Direct-connect USB 2.0 plug

  • Long, 10-foot cord

  • Personal storage pouch

The SP-USB is a lightweight, comfortable and reliable transcription headset. Its two speakers give it a balanced and clear delivery. The set itself weighs in at less than 1 oz. The SP-USB comes equipped with two soft, velvet-like ear cushions. This unit is perfect for periods of long term usage.

Philips PocketMemo Docking Station

Great Lakes Informatics, Inc | Philips PocketMemo Docking Station | Record Hands-Free | Transcription without a Computer


  • Automatic download of dictation files

  • Fast charging for high productivity

  • Plug to connect a Philips foot pedal

  • Speeds up workflow

The PocketMemo docking station allows you to easily transfer all your dictations to your computer as well as quickly charge your device, so you are always ready to go. Combined with the optional foot pedal, it is possible to record hands-free and even transcribe without a computer.

Philips SpeechOne Docking Station

GLI | Authorized US Provider | Philips SpeechOne Docking Station | Pairs with SpeechOne Headset | Wireless Charging


  • Wireless charging

  • Easy pairing with SpeechOne Headset

  • Status light for reducing interruptions

  • Full control over your dictations and Skype calls 

The stable and innovative Philips SpeechOne Docking Station provides wireless charging and easy pairing with the SpeechOne Wireless Headset. The magnetic mechanism makes docking the device incredibly easy. Simply snap-on the headset for a hassle-free and reliable charge. The Status Light reduces interruptions and increases productivity. Benefit from a smoother and easier workflow which saves you time and allows you to be more efficient.

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