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GLI Releases the Philips SmartMike Duo with AI

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Capture who said what with smart channel recording.

images of doctors and lawyers using the Philips SmartMike Duo with clients, while a transcriptionist types the work.

Great Lakes Informatics, the leading US technology provider for Philips Speech processing applications, has exciting news for healthcare, legal and other groups that require conversational transcripts!

Introducing Philips SmartMike Duo; ideal for physician-patient encounters, depositions and other legal consultations. Utilize commercially for meetings between colleagues, or consultant/client conversations in other fields.

The new Philips SmartMike Duo, provides an innovative way to record conversations between two speakers. Using our patented artificial intelligence (AI), the SmartMike Duo can identify and isolate the two speakers in a conversation, which allows the user to create a conversational transcript that is separated for each speaker.


  • Configured with studio quality microphones with dual recording and built-in speech isolation and noise reduction

  • Sleek, compact design that is easy to place in any conference setting

  • Hygienic casing with built-in AI to separate voices

  • LED indicators, mute button and playback speaker

A picture of the Philips SmartMike Duo with green indicator light

SmartMike Duo AI Microphone

The SmartMike’s AI microphone technology can easily identify each person speaking, even when both speakers are talking over each other. When activated, two separate audio streams are created in the recording. The separate audio streams produce more accurate transcription, especially if you have a typist set up through your Philips SpeechLive account! Read our blog post on SpeechLive to learn more about our leading cloud-based transcription solution.

Now it is possible to save hours of transcribing with our speech-to-text solution for duo recordings, like SpeechLive’s unlimited speech-to-text package. The SmartMike Duo’s studio-quality microphone delivers crisp recordings that speech-to-text applications can pick up easily for quickly creating a detailed transcript.

SmartMike is compact

The SmartMike Duo’s sleek, mobile design allows you to place the microphone wherever you need it. Minimal space is required on the meeting room table, and there are no bulky cables to get in the way. The compact design is perfect if you constantly travel to meet with clients.

The SmartMike Duo has two LED indicators which let you know whether the microphone is on or muted. While speaking, the green light signals that voices are currently being recorded. A red light indicates that the microphone is muted. If you need to play the recording, a loudspeaker is included on the device so that you can listen to a reliable and clear playback!

Another great thing about the Philips SmartMike Duo is its hygienic casing, which hinders the colonization of germs on your device and makes it easier to disinfect. Its design is easy to wipe down as well, making this microphone a COVID-safe device.

Your GLI Contact for Philips Speech Applications

For more details and use recommendations on our Philips SmartMike Duo, please contact our Speech Applications specialist, Hayley Freeman, at 773-275-1648 x12 or via email at She can assist you with any questions you have about the new device. If you are new to SpeechLive and want to try it with the device, we urge you to try it free for 14 days!

We also have many other solutions from Philips that may meet your office’s needs. Feel free to contact Hayley for a discovery call.

Great Lakes Informatics is the North American team for sales and support for Philips applications since 1992. We look forward to providing yet another way to improve efficiency with our innovative solutions!


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