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Speech-Driven Reporting delivers 7x Faster!

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

It’s easier to speak to produce words with your voice as opposed to tapping away on your keyboard. The whole process is significantly faster and studies validate this fact.

Independent research confirms that dictating your documentation can be up to seven times faster than typing. Researchers based their findings on experiments with professional typists. How many of us can type as quickly as a professional typist?

Great Lakes Informatics offers the value of relying on our skilled transcriptionists or our industrial strength speech recognition applications. Both options save time and money.

Time is priceless, we can’t buy it back!

Based on the seven-times-faster research results, here are a few numbers that will shock you:

One page of text takes about 2 minutes to speak, but 14 minutes to type. Speech-to-text software can result in an 86-percent time savings. That translates to a massive cost savings for firms that charge an hourly rate.

  • An attorney or physician that bills at $250.00 per hour would lose about $215.00 typing their own document, as opposed to using a professional transcriptionist for about $3.50 per page. Or, they could use speech recognition software for even a lower cost. Time saved could then be leveraged to finish other projects or generate new clients, all of which result in additional revenue!

Law Firms

Thanks to major advances in speech recognition technology, legal professionals can experience these time and cost savings from anywhere. Using a smart phone, digital recorder or speech microphone, you will be able to create dictations and have a document processed quickly by speech recognition. Speech-to-text software is a popular and effective way to speed up your legal documentation workflow.

Administrative professionals anywhere can access the new version of Philips SpeechExec Pro along with Dragon Professional Individual in only one step. Attorneys who wish to expand support for legal vocabularies can use Philips SpeechExec Pro with Dragon Legal speech recognition. The two solutions together provide advanced functionalities for increased flexibility.

Physicians and Providers

For medical professionals, GLI recommends Fusion Narrate Medical Speech Recognition. It will significantly cut down on charting time and can help you perform other daily tasks like emails & web searches. Narrate is great for a wide range of specialties including:

  • Behavioral healthcare

  • Orthopedics

  • Cardiology

  • General Medicine

  • Radiology

  • Pathology

  • Other specialties

Narrate performs efficiently with hundreds of EHRs running on mobile devices and desktop PCs. Installation is fast and easy, with little or demands for IT support. GLI provides complete setup and training services.

Another way to save hours of medical reporting time is by using our Paragon US Transcription Team to produce clinical documentation. You can call your dictations in using your phone or mobile device, and Paragon does the rest! Our expertly-trained medical transcriptionists accurately generate clinical reports so doctors can focus on their patients. Best of all, Paragon does all of its work in the USA, so you know your information is safe and secure.

Other Tips

When trying to find a speech recognition system that works best for you, there are a few other things you need to know. GLI has a few other great tips for choosing the best solution for you!

  • Make sure your operating system is up-to-date to ensure maximum compatibility.

  • Take inventory of what dictation or transcription gear you already have. Do you need a foot controller? Is your speech microphone really old?

  • Be ready to discuss your current workflow and what you would like to improve.

Please call or email us to review options for meeting your documentation needs.

Great Lakes has specialized in speech processing technology and services for over 20 years. We love helping our clients save hours of their precious time through our services and technology options.

Our team is here for you! 800.701.4440 x12 or via email at .


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