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Best Speech Recognition Software for Healthcare; Your alternative to Dragon

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

There are many processes involved with healthcare management, which can get a bit overwhelming. Finances, staff, legal issues, and logistics are just a few things you have to worry about. Luckily, you don’t have to do all of it by hand! Medical data is so sensitive and regulated that the easiest way to help improve healthcare workflow management is through the use of technology. Fusion Narrate, our cloud-based speech recognition software, can help healthcare organizations significantly improve document building and save provider’s precious time.

Optimizing Medical Workflows

All of the tasks performed by clinical staff makes up your organization’s workflow. It can include scheduling, coming up with treatment plans, and even documenting a patient’s encounter. Workflow optimization is important because it can increase efficiency and, ultimately, save you time and money.

What happens when workflow optimization is weak:

  • Miscommunication, both between staff and with patients

  • Delays in billing or prescription delivery

  • Increased costs for your clinic

  • Extra work or data entry for healthcare providers

  • A reduction in the quality of care for patients

  • Difficulty adopting new processes or technology

We cannot address all the shortcomings referenced above, however, we can certainly improve clinical documentation with our Narrate cloud-based medical speech recognition application while saving you money and time.

Here are some ways Narrate can help your workflow:

  • Reducing mouse clicks and keyboarding – automate EHR navigation instantly with voice commands. Give that mouse and your wrist a rest!

  • Our easy to configure shortcuts and voice commands to save hours of repetitive EHR entries for common findings

  • Regardless of your style of medical speech, Narrate quickly adapts to your voice and medical reporting specialty. Using artificial intelligence at a global level, high levels of recognition are achieved.

Change can be difficult – that’s why many clinicians will push back to any workflow changes. Software like Fusion Narrate can be easily implemented into your current workflow as it is developed to work with multiple EHR systems.

At Great Lakes Informatics, our EHR Systems Specialist can help you determine how Narrate or our other offerings can best help your organization with their goals.

Try Narrate Medical Speech and COMPARE to Dragon

With speech recognition software, you can experience better healthcare workflow management. The Narrate software is designed to work within your EHR with no integration or assistance needed from your EHR vendor. The GLI team is happy to show you how your organization can benefit from this amazing technology.

Narrate works with one or more EHRs that you are required to use as a provider.  It is the universal medical speech recognition solution.

Today, speech recognition software, like Fusion Narrate, is used by many different types of healthcare specialties and Organizations

  • Ambulatory Clinics

  • Acute Care Facilities

  • Behavioral Health

  • Cardiology

  • General Medicine / Family Practice

  • Emergency Departments

  • Home Health Care

  • Pathology

  • Radiology

No matter what type of healthcare organization you run, our goal is to help providers spend more time with their patients and less charting. We know how important it is to provide great medical care, and with the right speech recognition system, it can be much easier.

Contact Us to Learn How We Can Help Your Healthcare Workflow Management

If you are using Dragon or a similar application, often, we can save you 30-40 percent of your annual expenditures without long-term contracts. Side by side, Narrate performs equal to, if not better that other medical speech applications at a much lower annual cost.

Great Lakes Informatics has been providing medical speech applications for 25 years.  We are committed to support you as you adopt speech recognition for your healthcare organization. 

Contact us (GLI Contact Link) or by calling 800-701-4447 today so we can assess your organization’s needs!


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