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Advanced Speech Processing Software for Behavioral Healthcare Agencies Saves Hours

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Behavioral health practitioners all have one important priority – addressing the needs of many clients with the least amount of time available.

Today, due to lock-downs and many other pandemic-related issues, behavioral healthcare providers are overwhelmed with excessive client schedules, while also dealing with high clinical documentation demands. Most providers are not fortunate enough to have access to transcription services.

Along with the delivery of quality client care, documenting each encounter appropriately is mandatory in order to comply with federal and state laws. These laws require practitioners to maintain the records necessary to disclose the full extent of their services. As insiders know, chart notes and other reports can be very lengthy and time-consuming to produce on a keyboard.

And while it’s necessary to record encounters, documentation often is the first to fall to the wayside in the care continuum. There is just not enough time due to high caseloads.

One way to save time and improve the quality of documentation is to rely on speech recognition technology. Programs like Fusion Narrate help clinicians or psychiatrists tell the complete client story while spending less time typing. Intelligent speech processing speeds up clinical documentation and can also streamline daily tasks.

Here’s how Fusion Narrate speeds-up the documentation process while significantly reducing EHR charting time:

Vocabulary & Customization:

Narrate comes with a built-in vocabulary for behavioral healthcare, so psychotropic medications, conditions, and other field-related terms have exceptional recognition rates. The dictionary is updated routinely via the Cloud. You can customize Narrate’s vocabulary based on preferences; names of other medical professionals, locations, acronyms and other terms that are specific to your practice. This will help build your document faster with more details and fewer mistakes.

Shortcuts / Speech Driven Sequence Automation:

Programming shortcuts can save providers valuable time by simplifying clinical routines. You can simply insert routine blocks of text, open your internet browser to a specific website, print documents, open letterheads, and much more – all with the power of your voice using simple speech commands.

EHR Flexibility – Works with all vendors:

Fusion Narrate can work with nearly any EHR – like Epic, Therapy Notes, Kareo, NextGen and more – without any time consuming integrations. Installation is so quick and easy – IT administrators love it! You can also use Narrate with any word processor or Outlook to generate emails. You won’t need any special integration – Fusion Narrate works right out of the gate!

More Time With Clients, less with charting:

On average, a person speaks 2-3 times faster than typing the same amount of information. The extra time saved can translate into helping more clients – or even some coveted leisure time.

We will improve the documentation process for your agency!

Great Lakes Informatics has been working with behavioral healthcare organizations since 1992. We have always offered the best speech processing technology to our providers. Great technology coupled with excellent service and training equates to a greater user experience.

We encourage you to try Fusion Narrate for yourself– especially if you’ve been unimpressed with speech applications in the past. Test drive Narrate for 2 weeks at no cost – we are pretty confident that you will be amazed!

Besides offering the most advanced speech-processing solutions in the industry at very competitive pricing, we also have our Paragon Transcription Group– a dedicated, all-American team of typists who specialize in behavioral healthcare. If you prefer just traditional dictation, we can take on the documentation demands.

Schedule a call to learn how the Fusion Narrate Behavioral Healthcare Speech application or skilled transcriptionists could benefit your behavioral healthcare organization. Contact us at 800-701-4440, x12 between 9 am to 4:30 pm CT. Our specialists will be happy to assess your needs and recommend options for your consideration.


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