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Fast, Accurate and Secure Transcription Service for Behavioral Healthcare

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Since the pandemic, the need for behavioral healthcare has increased significantly. Providers have noticed an uptick in clients, therefore an increase in documentation. Great Lakes Informatics (GLI) has accurate American medical transcription services specifically for behavioral healthcare. Our highly trained team with specific knowledge for behavioral healthcare is a great solution for getting documentation done quickly and accurately!

Since 1996, behavioral healthcare practices have turned to our team for fully outsourced or insourced shared services that save time and money through process improvement and scale efficiency. This allows clients to focus time, energy and resources on caring for patients! GLI's cost-effective and standard-setting outsourced services are carried out by teams of specialists in the behavioral healthcare field, who bring professional experience to every client, regardless of size or location.

Below, you will discover how our GLI behavioral healthcare transcription team can benefit your organization.

GLI Behavioral Healthcare Transcription Features

All-American Team

All transcription is done right here in the USA. No sending work overseas, which can compromise PHI.

Consistent Quality

We have a reputation for quality medical transcription has been earned from a track record of consistently producing error-free medical reports at a rate over 99%.

24/7/365 Customer Service, Quality Assurance and IT Support

You will always be able to get assistance when you need it. Quarterly meetings with GLI's Transcription Team include reviews of reports pertaining to documentation quality, as well as the overall quality of GLI’s customer service and report TAT.

Secure and Compliant

HIPAA/HITECH - our transcription team meets or exceeds all applicable standards for medical records security.

No cost surprises

Our pricing is competitive and easy-to-follow. Clients have management access to all work at any given time.

Technology Neutral

Our platform is integrated with nearly all EMR, HIS or PACs. Integration with different platforms, including voice recognition and remote dictation capture systems are all part of our flexible solutions.

Learn more about what we offer

Engage us today for a consultation and assessment to see how partnering with our All-American transcription team might meet your requirements. We are share references to prospective behavioral healthcare clients’ access to quality transcription that works seamlessly with existing GLI products and services. GLI offers backup or full-outsourcing.

If you would like to discuss your needs and explore what we can offer, please call 800-701-4440, 12 or email us at

Our transcription team stands out because of its personalized service that embraces physician and staff preferences. They love what they do! We look forward to hearing from you.


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