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SpeechLive’s New Speech-to-text On Demand Application Saves Time

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Did you know that you speak up to 7x faster than you type? When it comes to getting work done faster, speech recognition has become a game changer. Great Lakes Informatics offers yet another way to help with working more efficiently, thus saving time and money. SpeechLive’s Speech-to-text On Demand add-on is the most accurate and fastest way to convert your speech to text.

With SpeechLive’s new version of Speech-to-text On Demand add-on, you can add speech-recognition to instantly convert your voice to text. This feature replaces the former need to purchase speech recognition minutes -- instead of paying for minutes and trying to keep track of them, you can pay a flat monthly fee for both front-end and back-end speech-to-text. Read on to learn more about this program and how you can get started!

What’s new?

Here are some of the new features that come with the SpeechLive Speech-to-text On Demand program:

  • SpeechLive Desktop App:

Once you download the SpeechLive Desktop App, you will be able to use speech recognition in any application. Want to draft an email? Head over to Outlook, drop a cursor, and then speak! You can also use it to dictate letters in Microsoft Word, or help fill in spreadsheets in Excel.

  • SpeechLive Mobile App:

The SpeechLive mobile app now allows for speech-to-text as well. When you select the option in the app, you will be able to dictate and have your voice converted to text immediately! You can either save the dictation to the SpeechLive cloud for your assistant to clean up, or you can copy the text and paste it as an email or text message!

  • Front-end Speech Recognition through Browser:

You can record through SpeechLive using a Philips SpeechMike and see your speech turn into text right before your eyes! Your assistant/scribe will be able to clean up the text later when you save the document to the cloud.

  • Back-end Speech Recognition through Browser:

If you have a portable recorder, like the Philips Digital Pocket Memo (or DPM8000), you can upload the dictations by docking your recorder and upload them to the SpeechLive cloud. After doing so, you can choose the option to run it through speech recognition. Within minutes, you’ll have a fully recognized document waiting in the cloud!

  • Add in Specialized Vocabulary:

Through the SpeechLive cloud, our support team can help you add your most commonly used vocabulary to enhance speech recognition accuracy. We can set up specialized vocabularies for dental, pathology, veterinary, psychology and much more!

How Do I Get Started?

If you are interested, please contact our Speech Applications specialist, Hayley Freeman, at 773-275-1648 x12 or via email at She can assist you with any questions you have about the new service. She is also available for demonstrations. If you have not tried SpeechLive yet, we urge you to try it free for 14 days!

Great Lakes Informatics is the North American team for sales and support for Philips applications. We look forward to providing yet another way to improve efficiency!


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