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Great Lakes Informatics, Inc. | Replace Winscribe with Philips SpeechLive | Upgrade to Cloud Services
Great Lakes Informatics, Inc. | United States | Replace Winscribe Dictation System with Philips SpeechLive Cloud Services

Upgrade to Cloud Services

Great Lakes Informatics | Philips SpeechLive | Winscribe Upgrade Solution for Legal Speech Processing & Dictation Management

SpeechLive Enterprise

Legal Speech Processing and Dictation Management Platform

(Replaces Winscribe Dictation System)


  • Switching from Winscribe to SpeechLive is easy and cost effective

  • Cloud-based, no servers to maintain

  • System support for single or multiple firm locations

  • Support for existing mobile devices, speech microphones and digital recorders

SpeechLive enables your attorneys, paralegals and support staff to organize their time more effectively and to work in more flexible and productive ways by harnessing the power of speech processing.

SpeechLive Enterprise Advantages

  • Secure dictation from anywhere with instant transmittal to transcriptionist with alerts

  • Smartphone App – Productivity on-the-go with iPhone or Android device

  • Flexible dictation device support – Smartphones, desktop PC, laptop, etc.

  • Real-time work status monitoring shows you when a job is pending or complete

  • Ability to retrieve jobs for reviewing and editing on your mobile device or your workstation

  • Automated rule-based work distribution –secretary, office, report type, attorney

  • Speech recognition option to reduces transcription workload / improves document turnaround

  • Streamline your document management process and eliminate bottlenecks

  • Promote work sharing and for primary office or multiple locations

  • Reduce operational costs with the elimination of onsite hosting, 3rd party software, hardware maintenance

Dictation Workflow with SpeechLive

GLI | SpeechLive Winscribe Replacement | Dictation Workflow Solutions with SpeechLive
 Great Lakes Informatics | Upgrade Winscribe to Cloud-based SpeechLive | SpeechLive Testimonials

“Today, attorneys expect to access their core business applications and legal IT systems from wherever they are. No longer do attorneys want to be chained to their desks, they need a solution that enables them to be flexible and work on the move.”


– K.M. Davis, System Administrator

“One particular suited area for improving fee earner’s productivity is mobile dictation. Attorneys are now using their smartphones and tablets to take to client sites and they can take their dictation with them, on their iPhones & iPads etc. without carrying excess baggage like a dedicated dictation device.”


–  J. Nichele, Attorney

(uses Philips digital recorder and dictation app on iPhone)

Connect with the GLI SpeechLive team for more details and evaluation options.

See why SpeechLive is the #1 Solution for law firms and legal departments.

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