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GLI, Inc. | Access Passport | Web-Based Form Solutions for Healthcare
Great Lakes Informatics, Inc. | United States | Access e-Forms Enterprise | Access Passport - Web-Based Form Solutions


Access Passport Forms Solution

  • Is your hospital wasting time and resources on pre-printed forms?

  • Are you constantly printing duplicate patient charts and forms?

  • Can your hospital share patient information among healthcare providers in a timely manner?


Access Passport is a web-based forms solution that removes all paper from your forms processes, making them completely electronic. Using virtually any device from any location, your staff can access the right e-forms, easily collect information and capture signatures without printing or scanning. Once an e-form is complete, Access Passport can kick off a workflow process, deliver the data to the right places, track the e-form and much more.

Benefits of GLI’s e-Forms enterprise-focused approach include:

Improve patient care and safety

Create paperless or paper-light forms processes

Advance the EHR initiative by bridging the gaps between clinical health information systems and clinical devices

Access eForms Enterprise – Fully Electronic Forms | United States | Access Passport

In addition, Access Passport’s web-based forms technology integrates in a snap with all major healthcare technologies so you can make every step in an e-forms process 100% electronic.


At Great Lakes Informatics, we can help your hospital improve patient data mobility, accuracy and security. Reach out to GLI so that we may help you eliminate the financial, productivity and environmental costs of pre-printed forms.

Access eForms Solutions | Great Lakes Informatics | USA | Customer Testimonials

“Our goal was to find a forms management solution that would cut costs, improve patient flow and support patient safety goals. Access EFM was a perfect fit alongside our EMR System.”

– John Meharg, HIT Director at Norman Regional Health System

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